Share More Content on LinkedIn & Twitter with Hootlet


Sharing content is foundational to attracting your buyers and being seen as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Often, when we are in content reading mode, it is off hours and read quite a few at a time. However, we don’t want to share them all in that moment, especially if it isn’t the […]

NEW FEATURE: How the New LinkedIn Inbox Helps You Get More Engagement


NEW FEATURE: How the New LinkedIn Inbox Helps You Get More Engagement As LinkedIn continues to change the UX (user experience) there are some things that have a significant impact on workflow, and this is a good one. Over the years I have had to put hacks in place to make sure I engage with every […]

You Can Lead a Rep to LinkedIn but You Can’t Make Them Use It.

You can lead a Rep to LinkedIn but you can’t make them use it…unless they know the right activities and messaging that converts connections to qualified conversations and opportunities. I talk with thousands of sales leaders and one thing I hear consistently over and over again is, “I tell my team to use LinkedIn, but they aren’t getting […]

Does Your LinkedIn Content Attract, Teach & Engage Your Target Market?


There are millions of blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse, tens of thousands of new content is published every single week. Clearly, some are just noise, but some are getting read, really read.  So how do you get your posts front and center, offer content that has a significant impact and gets your target market to […]

5 LinkedIn Triggers That are Begging You to Engage

LinkedIn offers dozens of triggers to reach out and engage your network and beyond, but often we miss these opportunities. We are all familiar with the “congratulate your connection or wish them happy birthday” but there are so many others that soar under the radar. If you are in business development, engaging with your target market […]

3 Top LinkedIn Scenarios and Templates to Get More Targeted Phone Calls

Now more than ever, leveraging LinkedIn for business development is vital for the success of a B2B sales professional. The buyer’s journey has changed, they are researching more and relying much more on referrals and recommendations than ever before.  Although insights and education are foundational in your business development efforts, it is vital to take a […]

Leverage Your LinkedIn Newsfeed to Get More Real Time Conversations with Your Targeted Audience

Real Time? On LinkedIn? Isn’t that a Twitter thing? Yes, Yes and Yes. Twitter is a fast moving, conversation driven social platform that typically runs in real time, meaning if someone is tweeting now, they are actually active, now. That is a great way to catch someone when they are available and focused on the […]

4 Ways to Get Paid By Your Clients by Leveraging LinkedIn

Obviously cash is king, so the number one way we get paid from our clients is the purchase of our products and services, however there are 4 additional ways we get paid from our clients that can be just as valuable in the long run. Our clients have valuable networks, and the ability to tap […]

Interview Blogs on LinkedIn; Kill 2 Birds with One Stone

Interview Blogs

Interview Blogs on LinkedIn; Kill 2 Birds with One Stone We need content to position ourselves as thought leaders and subject matter experts and we need to have more conversations with prospects. So, why not get both done with one activity… Interview Blogs. Two Birds = Conversations with Prospects + Content You are actually going […]