10 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Pulse Views, Likes, Comments & Shares!


  We know that content is essential, so one of the biggest questions I hear is, how do I get more LinkedIn Pulse (blog post) Engagement? It is embedded into our sales and marketing psyche that relevant insights that make our buyers think differently about their current situation, company or industry is what it takes for them to want […]

5 Steps To Developing Great Content on LinkedIn That Directly Impacts Your Sales Efforts


  Whether you consider yourself a good writer or not, chances are you are a good resource to your network, you have educational tips that can help your audience and brings real value. Often, the biggest challenge when writing content is identifying and articulating insights in away that gets the attention of your prospects and truly […]

5+ Powerful Resources to Not Just Say It on LinkedIn, But Display It!

Display It

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and because we only have a small window to engage our audience on LinkedIn, why not make the most out of LinkedIn’s rich media and long-form posts. These offer you an opportunities to showcase your portfolio, share videos, display infographics, upload slideshows and so much more. The Challenge I […]

7 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Profile Views

LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are in sales, job search mode or just looking to grow your network, one of the tangible success measurements on LinkedIn is the number of views your profile is receiving on a daily or weekly basis. Website managers look at their traffic every single day, and are measured on the number of visitors. […]

Content Marketing – Why it Matters by Barbara Kaplan

Barbara Kaplan

All of us who spend time online – whether shopping, doing research, reading up in our areas of interest, making travel plans, following thought leaders, rating restaurants and movies, participating in social networks – as part of our daily activity, are creators and/or recipients of content marketing. Content marketing is the term du jour that […]

Social Selling with LinkedIn Explained

LinkedIn and Social Selling

Social Selling is a term that is spreading like wildfire. Koka Sexton, from LinkedIn says social selling is The Evolution of Sales. I agree completely; social selling has absolutely changed the sales process as we know it. I also see social selling as a revolution of and for the sales professionals. We are free from the mass cold calling, […]

A Dozen Dos and Don’t for LinkedIn Publications

LinkedIn Publications Dos and Don'ts

LinkedIn Publications is the best new social selling tool for anyone in a sales role. The key, however, is to use it well and the way it was designed to be used, as a content machine. Thought leadership is about educating the reader and is the key to gaining trust, attracting your target market and […]