10 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Level the Playing Field!

Social Media Levels the playing field

It used to be that only the big corporations with fat budgets had the corner on mass marketing campaigns. Whether they were buying billboards, radio time or even PR in magazines and TV spots. Boy have times changed. Although it does take some time and resources to get the message out, it doesn’t take big […]

Let’s Hang Out: The Benefits of Google+ Hangouts

Google+ hangout

“Back in the day” video conferencing was quite a production. Offices and businesses needed special technology, dedicated space, and a little luck to produce and deliver “webinars”. Today, as evidenced by the popularity of video chat platforms like Facetime, video sharing services like You Tube, and Vine, and the accessibility of mobile technology via smartphones […]

Making Google+ Work for Business Networking

Making Google+ Work for Business Networking Google+ is so powerful, and so under utilized. It is one of the simplest platforms to truly find where the right people for you are hanging out. They have really made it easy to find communities of like minded professionals where we can learn from, and share great content. It is […]