Content Marketing – Why it Matters by Barbara Kaplan

Barbara Kaplan

All of us who spend time online – whether shopping, doing research, reading up in our areas of interest, making travel plans, following thought leaders, rating restaurants and movies, participating in social networks – as part of our daily activity, are creators and/or recipients of content marketing. Content marketing is the term du jour that […]

What Social Selling Is Not – by @StanRobinson

Stan Robinson on LinkedIn and Social Selling

The term “social selling” means different things to different people. As a result confusion often arises when this topic comes up for discussion particularly when the conversation is between individuals with different types of experience with sales and social media. For our purposes, social selling is defined as the integration of social media tools and […]

Doing Less Is More…with Social Media?

by Paul Kowit | Follow Paul on Twitter Do you find yourself being pulled many directions to accomplish tasks in your professional & personal life? At your job, your may be require you to accomplish various tasks by the end of the month and at the same time complete minor tasks by your boss on any given day. […]

Crush Your Marketing Goals by Getting Employees on LinkedIn Publishing

Jamie Shanks Sales4Life

By Jamie Shanks Tim Peters, a Social Selling evangelist for IntelliResponse approached Jill Rowley and me last week with great questions: 1. “Should you let your employees publish on LinkedIn?” 2. “How should sales and marketing empower employees to use LinkedIn Publishing?” Tim’s questions are so spot on.  As Tim points out: “I think we […]

3 Social Media Tips to Help For Sale By Owners

social media for sale by owner

For Sale by Owner can be a lot of work. Although you may be saving money initially, time on market and no one to help you negotiate a price can ultimately cost you money. If you want to do it right, you need to implement clever marketing tools. Here are 3 social media tips that […]

6 Tips For Summer Networking Success.


by Thomas Camarda “Summertime, and the living is easy,” and so is creating new contacts and connections. During the summer months, business networking events seem to cool down, but outdoor social events definitely heat up and everyone loves to have a good time. This is the perfect environment to create and build, long lasting relationships that […]

How Social Media Can Increase Your Open House Attendance


by Paul Kowit | Follow Paul on Twitter In real estate, Open Houses are a great way to stimulate business and find more prospects. Some other methods may include cold calling, knocking on doors, contacting your center of influence, or sending snail mail to various neighborhoods. However, one of the most effective ways to increase your business […]

5 Key Areas You Need to Implement to Grow Your Business 

ActionCoach Philadelphia

by Guest Blogger: Mark Samuel, ActionCOACH Most business owners know that growing their business means getting more customers, which leads to more revenue, and that MAY lead to more profits. However trying to directly grow these key areas can be overwhelming and even futile. Instead, a business owner must focus on these 5 areas, which […]