10 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Pulse Views, Likes, Comments & Shares!


  We know that content is essential, so one of the biggest questions I hear is, how do I get more LinkedIn Pulse (blog post) Engagement? It is embedded into our sales and marketing psyche that relevant insights that make our buyers think differently about their current situation, company or industry is what it takes for them to want […]

“Contact Me for More Information” Isn’t Enough to Get Sales Calls from LinkedIn


  If you are in business development, and looking to leverage LinkedIn for Social Selling, than a call-to-action(CTA) of Contact me for more information isn’t going to cut it. First, you have to figure out what outcome you are looking to get from your LinkedIn efforts. My standard CTA is almost always a phone call […]

Asking for the Call on LinkedIn is the Difference Between 211℉ and 212℉


1 degree makes a huge impact on an outcome, and if you are in business development it could be the difference between connecting with the right people on LinkedIn and having a conversations with them. Here are 2 ways to engage the right people on LinkedIn and covert them to quality phone calls: Create an […]

Value vs. Credibility on LinkedIn – Do you have both? And why it matters!


  I attended a Blab with Roy Montero the other day and this was the topic; Value vs. Credibility. Initially I scratched my head and thought. “Isn’t it the same thing?” But after a couple of minutes of intent listening the light bulb went off, I got it! There is a huge difference between the two. Let’s define them: […]

Why Sales Professionals Are Not Getting What They Want & Need Out Of LinkedIn!


We are all on LinkedIn, in many cases every day – but most aren’t getting what they want or need from the tool, yet we keep coming back for more. The number one reason sales professionals aren’t as productive with LinkedIn as they could be is because they don’t have a plan, they are winging it every single […]

4 Ways to Get Paid By Your Clients by Leveraging LinkedIn

Obviously cash is king, so the number one way we get paid from our clients is the purchase of our products and services, however there are 4 additional ways we get paid from our clients that can be just as valuable in the long run. Our clients have valuable networks, and the ability to tap […]

3 Ways to Build a Targeted List of Prospects Already Part of Your LinkedIn Network


  In talking with sales professionals, I often hear a few methodologies around building a prospecting list; some have named accounts (50+ accounts assigned to them that is their sole business development focus), some have territories or industry niches, and many others claim to have the world as their market. No matter what your company’s […]

Don’t Connect to Your Competitors on LinkedIn, Says the Suspicious One


  One of the biggest questions I get when training sales teams, is “should I connect with my competitors?”  My response is typically these 2 questions, “Do you agree with the old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” and “Are you leveraging LinkedIn better than they are?” If you answer yes, to […]