The 10 LinkedIn Settings Professionals Need to Update Now!

The 10 LinkedIn Settings Professionals Need to Update Now!   LinkedIn has default settings on your account that you may not be aware of; settings that may actually effect the way your audience views you, the ability for them to easily connect with you and your overall business development efforts. You’ll find your settings on […]

Leverage Your LinkedIn Newsfeed to Get More Real Time Conversations with Your Targeted Audience

Real Time? On LinkedIn? Isn’t that a Twitter thing? Yes, Yes and Yes. Twitter is a fast moving, conversation driven social platform that typically runs in real time, meaning if someone is tweeting now, they are actually active, now. That is a great way to catch someone when they are available and focused on the […]

How to Prospect with @Mentions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Prospect

Mentions on LinkedIn have been around for a while now, but they are still significantly underutilized. It is simple to do and has a powerful impact when it comes to engaging with your prospects. Using the @mention feature on LinkedIn is a great way to get your connections to read and engage with your updates […]

3 Ways to Prospect from Your Client’s LinkedIn Profile

Client Referrals from LinkedIn

Often when I talk with clients about their ideal prospects, 2 or 3 clients immediately come to mind. Beginning with these clients is a great way to develop and identify more companies and people like them in your target market. In fact, LinkedIn makes this so easy by offering these 3 powerful yet underutilized tools […]