Is Your Job Description on the New LinkedIn Costing You Opportunities?


  Is Your Job Description on the New LinkedIn Costing You Opportunities? With the new LinkedIn rollout, your job description has never been more vital to your online presence. When your reader begins to scroll down your profile on the desktop, the Experience Section is the first thing they see. It should no longer be solely focused on your […]

LinkedIn’s Advanced & Saved Searches Will Fill Your Sales Pipeline Weekly

  Imagine if every single week you received a list in your email of 10, 20 or 30 targeted decision makers and influencers that meet your prospecting criteria? Now imagine if you could leverage your shared connections to gain access to those stakeholders? What would your business look like? Well, that is how many business […]

NEW FEATURE: How the New LinkedIn Inbox Helps You Get More Engagement


NEW FEATURE: How the New LinkedIn Inbox Helps You Get More Engagement As LinkedIn continues to change the UX (user experience) there are some things that have a significant impact on workflow, and this is a good one. Over the years I have had to put hacks in place to make sure I engage with every […]

LinkedIn ProFinder, The New Way to Get Freelance Work and Find Vendors


  LinkedIn ProFinder is a new professional services marketplace (similar to or that LinkedIn is piloting across the U.S. Its goal is to match buyers’ needs with quality freelance or independent professionals remotely or even in a local area if requested. LinkedIn’s goal is to get all proposal requesters up to five responses […]

Use PowerPoint to Stand Out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Beyond


Graphics Attract! But finding one that tells the story you want others to see, and then getting permission to use it can be a hassle. So, make your own. Create a visual quote or image that can either go along with a link, call-to-action or simply a stand-alone, using PowerPoint is fast and easy – […]

Does Your LinkedIn Content Attract, Teach & Engage Your Target Market?


There are millions of blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse, tens of thousands of new content is published every single week. Clearly, some are just noise, but some are getting read, really read.  So how do you get your posts front and center, offer content that has a significant impact and gets your target market to […]

5 LinkedIn Triggers That are Begging You to Engage

LinkedIn offers dozens of triggers to reach out and engage your network and beyond, but often we miss these opportunities. We are all familiar with the “congratulate your connection or wish them happy birthday” but there are so many others that soar under the radar. If you are in business development, engaging with your target market […]

[INTERVIEW] Social Selling from Amar Sheth’s of @MySales4Life Point of View


  Every once in a while I reach out to other social sellers and trainers to learn and share some of the secrets to their success. There are as many different perspectives on social sales as there are opinions, so it is fascinating to understand how others see this dynamic world. I had the pleasure of […]