NEW FEATURE: How the New LinkedIn Inbox Helps You Get More Engagement


NEW FEATURE: How the New LinkedIn Inbox Helps You Get More Engagement As LinkedIn continues to change the UX (user experience) there are some things that have a significant impact on workflow, and this is a good one. Over the years I have had to put hacks in place to make sure I engage with every […]

LinkedIn Group Direct Messaging is Back with this Hack

LinkedIn Group messaging

For prolific LinkedIn users, the loss of messaging group members is still painful. However, there is a work around – and I state it is hack(ish) because it doesn’t replace the feature completely, but it does do a nice job in many ways. Hover over Interests and Click on Groups  Click on my Groups and […]

Does Your LinkedIn Content Attract, Teach & Engage Your Target Market?


There are millions of blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse, tens of thousands of new content is published every single week. Clearly, some are just noise, but some are getting read, really read.  So how do you get your posts front and center, offer content that has a significant impact and gets your target market to […]

5 Ways to Say Happy Thanksgiving to Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn Connections

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It is celebrated by all American’s and is really about telling our family and friends how grateful we are to have them in our lives in a way that no other holiday does. It is about appreciating life and being thankful for all the goodness around us. I […]

LinkedIn Blogging 101 – How to Get Started

LinkedIn Blog Post

There is a lot of good content getting published on LinkedIn, but not only that, if done correctly, lots of people are viewing it, liking it and commenting! This is one of the best ways to brand you and your company as the thought leader and subject matter expert in your industry. And guess what…it […]

10 Steps to Turn Your Touch Points into Trust Points

Touch Points to Trust Points

Since my first advertising class in college, I have heard it takes 7 touches to get a new client.  This was a number the direct mail companies would use, the radio sales executives, the local TV ads and even the “cold calling” experts. Now, that number has gone up, way up. I have read dozens […]

#1 Way to Prospect in Linkedin Groups

Just posting content into groups is valuable, but delivering your content directly to your target market is even better. When you share your blog, an educational article or watch a video it positions you as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Make  sure your viewers walk away from your content feeling that it was time […]