Is Your Job Description on the New LinkedIn Costing You Opportunities?


  Is Your Job Description on the New LinkedIn Costing You Opportunities? With the new LinkedIn rollout, your job description has never been more vital to your online presence. When your reader begins to scroll down your profile on the desktop, the Experience Section is the first thing they see. It should no longer be solely focused on your […]

[INTERVIEW] Social Selling from Amar Sheth’s of @MySales4Life Point of View


  Every once in a while I reach out to other social sellers and trainers to learn and share some of the secrets to their success. There are as many different perspectives on social sales as there are opinions, so it is fascinating to understand how others see this dynamic world. I had the pleasure of […]

Asking for the Call on LinkedIn is the Difference Between 211℉ and 212℉


1 degree makes a huge impact on an outcome, and if you are in business development it could be the difference between connecting with the right people on LinkedIn and having a conversations with them. Here are 2 ways to engage the right people on LinkedIn and covert them to quality phone calls: Create an […]

3 Top LinkedIn Scenarios and Templates to Get More Targeted Phone Calls

Now more than ever, leveraging LinkedIn for business development is vital for the success of a B2B sales professional. The buyer’s journey has changed, they are researching more and relying much more on referrals and recommendations than ever before.  Although insights and education are foundational in your business development efforts, it is vital to take a […]

Why Sales Professionals Are Not Getting What They Want & Need Out Of LinkedIn!


We are all on LinkedIn, in many cases every day – but most aren’t getting what they want or need from the tool, yet we keep coming back for more. The number one reason sales professionals aren’t as productive with LinkedIn as they could be is because they don’t have a plan, they are winging it every single […]

Leverage Your LinkedIn Newsfeed to Get More Real Time Conversations with Your Targeted Audience

Real Time? On LinkedIn? Isn’t that a Twitter thing? Yes, Yes and Yes. Twitter is a fast moving, conversation driven social platform that typically runs in real time, meaning if someone is tweeting now, they are actually active, now. That is a great way to catch someone when they are available and focused on the […]

Are You Leveraging Other People’s Content to Engage with Prospects?


  We are inundated with content every single day – relevant insights can often be needles in they haystack. But, all you really need to find that needle is a magnet, and that is what LinkedIn’s Pulse can do, and a simple search can lead you to a targeted magnet and all that it has […]

5 Steps To Developing Great Content on LinkedIn That Directly Impacts Your Sales Efforts


  Whether you consider yourself a good writer or not, chances are you are a good resource to your network, you have educational tips that can help your audience and brings real value. Often, the biggest challenge when writing content is identifying and articulating insights in away that gets the attention of your prospects and truly […]

3 Ways to Build a Targeted List of Prospects Already Part of Your LinkedIn Network


  In talking with sales professionals, I often hear a few methodologies around building a prospecting list; some have named accounts (50+ accounts assigned to them that is their sole business development focus), some have territories or industry niches, and many others claim to have the world as their market. No matter what your company’s […]