The 10 LinkedIn Settings Professionals Need to Update Now!

The 10 LinkedIn Settings Professionals Need to Update Now!   LinkedIn has default settings on your account that you may not be aware of; settings that may actually effect the way your audience views you, the ability for them to easily connect with you and your overall business development efforts. You’ll find your settings on […]

Get More Client Referrals by Leveraging LinkedIn

  Get More Client Referrals by Leveraging LinkedIn We all know that client referrals are one of the best ways to get new lead opportunities. When we are introduced into a buyer by a happy client, getting the first meeting is easy, often there is less shopping of the competition and the sales cycle is shortened […]

7 LinkedIn Connection Requests That Will Get a Response!

  Although the best way to get a connection is through a warm introduction or someone who engages on content you shared, occasionally  the only option is to connect directly. There are a few factors that go into the success of this methodology; a profile that offers value and inspires curiosity, an easy way for […]

Five Things Every Sales Person Wants From Their Clients


Leveraging client relationships is often an area that is overlooked by most sales professionals. In fact, once a prospect becomes a client, frequently the relationship is handed off to an account manager and the sales person moves on to new opportunities. And, even if the sales rep continues to work with the client post-sale, not much […]

Leverage LinkedIn’s Experience Section to Attract & Engage More Buyers


  Today’s tip is a very simple, but powerful one. Your experience appears at the top of your profile which is the first impression your visitors see, so taking advantage of this real-estate is vital for getting your message across quickly to your buyers.  Here’s how: From the experience section, connect your company to your […]

5 LinkedIn Templates You Need to Write Now!


If you are using LinkedIn for business development, the more prepared you are with templates, the easier your sales activities will be. I have found there are 5 messages I use often. While I believe you should have these templates at your disposal, you can still do your best to personalize them when you can […]

You Can Lead a Rep to LinkedIn but You Can’t Make Them Use It.

You can lead a Rep to LinkedIn but you can’t make them use it…unless they know the right activities and messaging that converts connections to qualified conversations and opportunities. I talk with thousands of sales leaders and one thing I hear consistently over and over again is, “I tell my team to use LinkedIn, but they aren’t getting […]

WATCH ► Sales Navigator Best Practices with Mario M. Martinez, Jr @M_3jr


  As Social Selling with LinkedIn grows, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s Sales Solution tool is growing as well. Companies are signing their sales teams up in droves. Now, even entrepreneurs, and selling CEOs are looking at this premium account as an essential platform in their business development efforts. While the features and benefits are clear, the […]