Use PowerPoint to Stand Out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Beyond


Graphics Attract! But finding one that tells the story you want others to see, and then getting permission to use it can be a hassle. So, make your own. Create a visual quote or image that can either go along with a link, call-to-action or simply a stand-alone, using PowerPoint is fast and easy – […]

Twitter + LinkedIn = Scalable Prospecting – Thanks to @Unfollowersme


  In June a new research study by Kitedesk showed that more social sales people preferred Twitter over LinkedIn. I was shocked, but it got me thinking…am I underestimating the power of Twitter for prospecting? From my perspective, the number one measurement of a social sales campaign is the number of qualified phone calls that are […]

Social Selling with LinkedIn Explained

LinkedIn and Social Selling

Social Selling is a term that is spreading like wildfire. Koka Sexton, from LinkedIn says social selling is The Evolution of Sales. I agree completely; social selling has absolutely changed the sales process as we know it. I also see social selling as a revolution of and for the sales professionals. We are free from the mass cold calling, […]

10 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Level the Playing Field!

Social Media Levels the playing field

It used to be that only the big corporations with fat budgets had the corner on mass marketing campaigns. Whether they were buying billboards, radio time or even PR in magazines and TV spots. Boy have times changed. Although it does take some time and resources to get the message out, it doesn’t take big […]

Twitter’s Glossary of Terms – Twitter 101

Twitter terms

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Users can read and post tweets. Users access Twitter through the website or mobile device applications. It is a very powerful newsfeed that has not only made a significant impact […]