The New LinkedIn Connection Request Rocks 3 Ways!


The learning curve with the new LinkedIn has many missing some of the most wonderful features. LinkedIn’s connection invitation being one of them. This big change has a significant impact on the way we can now connect and engage with targeted decision makers, influencers and stakeholders. Here is why I am so excited about the […]

Schedule Your Profile Makeover and Playbook

 As a Roster Financial Producer you have earned This 2-hour in-person or live, online session (conducted through screen sharing) will cover: Identify and Articulate Your Value Proposition Create Engaging Search Engine Optimized Headline Complete Contact Information Box Develop a Case Study Complete an Insights Based Summary Link to Publications (if applicable) Review and edit Skills & […]

LinkedIn Spearfish Marketing Content + Process = Engaged Prospects


Spearfish Marketing is a term Social Sales Link uses for targeted prospecting campaigns. Marketing strategies are very different from our client and networking business development techniques, but are very effective in their own right. Connecting with your target market on LinkedIn is ideal for sales professionals, but without sending mass connection requests to strangers or […]

How Many Leads Did LinkedIn Send You Today?

LinkedIn Leads

If you are in business development I would bet your number one challenge is leads…finding enough of the right people that are willing to take your call. LinkedIn has made this a lot easier than traditional cold calling, and one feature that has revolutionized filling the pipeline is LinkedIn’s Advanced and Saved Search capability. Imagine, […]

3 Winning LinkedIn Daily Activities for Sales Professionals

What Sales People Should do on LinkedIn

There are so many amazing features on LinkedIn that sometimes it is hard to determine how to prioritize your activities and what to do that will be most productive. At minimum, there are 3 very effective activities that all B2B sales professional should do every day: 1. Look at “who’s viewed your profile” this is caller […]

Build Strong Referral Relationships with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Referrals

In B2B sales, both traditionally and in the new Social Selling environment, developing and nurturing relationships is the key to business success. By definition, relationships are a 2-way street, and I believe to gain trust, we should give first. By providing educational content, relevant insights, business connections or any other resource that matters to them, […]

Are You Fishing with the Right Lures?

LinkedIn prospecting is like fishing

This is certainly not the first time you have seen the comparison of prospecting to fishing, but I thought I would share my little twist. When I was a teenager, I went fishing with a boy from the neighborhood. He was a serious fisherman and had a big red tackle box with 3 layers of […]