Job Seekers


Are you searching for a job? Are you using LinkedIn effectively to do that?

Everyone knows LinkedIn is the premier social media website for professional networking, and it’s powerful tools to help you leverage your connection and engage centers of influencers in groups to find your next job.

When you’re using LinkedIn, your profile matters. It needs to be much more than your resume or CV – it needs to tell your story and stand out to hiring managers and recruiters. This is your professional brand, your personal landing page, and I guarantee that if you are looking for a professional job, you are being searched on LinkedIn.

If you would like to learn more about how to position yourself on LinkedIn and how to truly use it’s potential to proactively find your new career path – Social Sales Link just may have the solution. Why SSL? We understand what hiring managers and recruiters are looking for, we know how leverage your current warm market and will teach you the simple strategies, tactics and tools necessary to stand out from your competition.

By the way, your job search is “sales” – you are selling yourself – so who better to teach you then a sales trainer?

LinkedIn has recently approved profiles for teenagers (US 14 yrs. EU 13 yrs.) and this is a sign that LinkedIn will be a critical part of the college application process, internships and ultimately job seeking.

If you are looking to get a head start, prepare for the future, grow a meaningful and professional network and understand how this powerful tool now, you will absolutely have an edge when you enter the professional job market.

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