Social Selling Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Social Sales

Since 2008 we have been teaching LinkedIn to business development and sales professionals. We have taught tens of thousands of  professionals Social Sales Link’s strategy and are now customizing a process for each client and their individual needs…that we run for them.

This program is designed to create a lead generating machine and the activity needed to keep it going. Companies of all sizes can benefit from a strategy session. We work with marketing departments, business owners, individual sales professionals and non-selling professionals looking to increase their social media lead generation and appointment setting.

SSL begins with a kick-off day of a comprehensive social media strategy session. The end result is of the day is to have a plug-and-play strategy that can be implemented either by a company staff member or one of SSL partners.

  • Review the full picture of what your company is doing now
  • Focus and flesh out the company’s goals and what you are looking to achieve with social media
  • Complete professional and company profiles including:LinkedIn
    • Google +
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Email Campaigns
  • Clearly define your target market and where they are hanging out
  • Create a list of topics your target market cares about
  • Develop messaging and content topics as well as whitep
  • Create a landing page and form in WordPress for web lead generation
  • Develop Facebook and twitter strategy to attract the right followers
  • Find, follow and engage others on Twitter
  • Leverage LinkedIn groups for marketing
  • Utilize HootSuite to schedule and engage others
  • Develop a comprehensive daily activity plan to organize and track activity
  • Set Appointments with TmeTrade

Once the plan is in place we can either help support you and your team in the implementation and accountability as well as measuring the results or we can run the strategy for you. To learn more please EMAIL US or call 888.775.5262.