LinkedIn Makeovers with Bob Wooods


Professional LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

$350 Just $250 for June (2016) ONLY.*

Your social-media footprint represents you and your company. Your LinkedIn Profile is the foundation for your professional presence and branding strategy.

In today’s times, everyone is Googling each other. Even more important, your potential clients are conducting research on your company’s products and services—even you!—before reaching out to you. During this process, it’s highly likely they’ll come across your LinkedIn Profile.

This is why we say your LinkedIn Profile represents you, your story and your public image. Don’t you want to have the right message getting across?

It is vital that you are seen as a thought leader and a subject matter expert in your field, and this begins with your LinkedIn Profile. Having a search engine optimized LinkedIn profile that is client engaging is the foundation of monetizing LinkedIn.

makeovers3Working with you remotely through screen-sharing, your 60-minute session with SSL Coach, Trainer and Consultant Bob Woods will cover:

  1. Identifying and Articulating Your Value Proposition
  2. Creating a Value-Added, Engaging and Search-Engine Optimized Headline
  3. Creating a Compelling Contact Information Box
  4. Developing a Case Study (if applicable)
  5. Crafting a Value-Added, Insights-Based Summary
  6. Linking Your Profile to Publications (if applicable)
  7. Reviewing and Editing Skills & Expertise
  8. Completing Your Experience and Education Sections
  9. Connecting to an Existing Company Page (Don’t have a page? Inquire about our Company Page Makeovers)
  10. Add Calls-to-Action that Generate Phone Calls

Social Sales Link has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It is our mission to have your message and brand reflected in a values-oriented way your professional LinkedIn Profiles.

You could spend days or even weeks trying to craft a powerful LinkedIn Profile. After your session with Bob, your Profile will sell the message you want to deliver.

Invest just $350 $250 and 60 minutes*, and you (or your company) will be represented the way it should.

* $100 discount applies for makeovers that are both set and completed in the month of June (2016).