Social Selling Resources

Our goal is to bring you some of the best LinkedIn and Social Selling resources. Check back because we are always adding new things to the list. If you have a great resource that you’d like us to add, email us!



Brynne Tillman’s Amazon Best Selling Book is perfect for the Social Selling DYIer. LinkedIn and Social Selling for Business Development is a practical easy to follow workbook that will make you a LinkedIn Expert in no time. BONUS: It comes with a 1+ hour webinar that walks you the not only what and why but how to leverage this powerful tool! Purchase your copy today.

Google Chrome Extensions

Dux-Soup is a plug-in that allows you to do many things including auto viewing profiles and exporting the data into a spreadsheet. But the reason this makes my list of must have tools is because I can do an advanced search on my connections with all the usual filters and export that list into a spreadsheet with the emails of all those connections. This is a game changer.

Social Cloud Suite is a secret I hate to share, but must. This is a set it and forget it platform. Wonder how folks can curate and share so much content and still get work done? Well, this is one of the ways! Identify RSS feeds of blogs and articles that your audience would appreciate it, paste them here, set a cadence that is right for you – and your done. Really.

Auto-Text Expander is a free tool that every single sales professional needs to use. If you have templates that you use on a consistent basis, create short codes that will save you hours of typing and retyping. If you do nothing else, download this baby.

Profile Views is a hack that free LinkedIn members can’t live without. You get to see who has viewed your profile in perpetuity! Yep, no more wondering who you missed. Sorry, the anonymous still remain a secret.

Social Platforms

Nimble is a social CRM that transcends your typical data basis. It can live write in your email, stand on it own, or even be an extension to your existing CRM. But image that whenever you are interested in a person with a click of a button gaining access to their tweets, LinkedIn profile and other powerful bits of information just waiting for you to learn from.

PeopleLinx is the social selling dashboard that keeps your sales team on task. With the ability to customized daily recommendations and activities, all the social selling training will actually be implemented, tracked and measured. It truly is social selling made easy.

Artesian Solutions is the most incredible research tool. Curate everything you need to know about a prospect, their company and competition in one place. The bar has been raised on sales intelligence.

Advanced Selling Podcast

It’s Social Media Week at The Advanced Selling Podcast! Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Pulse… does it all make your head spin? Veteran sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale go to the expert source today to learn the best strategies all salespeople need to know when using LinkedIn for sales.

What kind of connector are you?

Are you using customized news feeds to nurture your relationships on social media?

How much time should you really be spending prospecting on LinkedIn?

In this episode of The Advanced Selling Podcast, Bill and Bryan talk with Brynne Tillman, founder of Social Sales Link, to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn. Are you maximizing what LinkedIn can do for you as a salesperson?  (Don’t miss Brynne’s incredible bonus for listeners in this episode too!).