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LinkedIn and Social Selling Book for Sales TrainersSales Trainer Certifications and Partnership Programs

Often, the biggest challenge sales trainers face is getting their clients to do the right activity that fills the sales funnel with new prospects on a consistent basis. 

In the past, sales trainers taught cold calling, door to door prospecting, and asking for general referrals. And, although we did see some successes with these traditional methods, the selling environment has significantly morphed, what used to work isn’t working as well anymore and LinkedIn has changed the playing field.

Having a LinkedIn business development curriculum is critical for Sales Trainers to offer their clients and Social Sales Link’s proven techniques and strategies is a great way to add to your current offerings.

SSL’s Sales Trainer Curriculum is a comprehensive co-branded program that offers a variety of classes and trainings:

  • 45 minute trainings that are great for speaking engagements, lunch and learns and small company on-site programs
  • ½ day workshop that includes profile make-overs, warm market prospecting, company searches, networking strategies, client referral tips, group engagement and best practices.
  • Full-day class that includes all of the above plus template writing, saved search creation, activity and results goal strategies, competitive analysis and client research.
  • LinkedIn Coaching Strategies that include setting SMART goals, how to effectively run a LinkedIn coaching session, how to measure the activity and tweak for improvement

Interested in becoming a certified SSL trainer to add to your current Sales Training program? As a Partner you will receive:

  • Published comprehensive co-branded powerful workbook with your name and logo and contributions in it
  • Private on-boarding training sessions
  • Ongoing on-line reinforcement videos and webinars
  • On-demand support

This program could transform your clients’ business…and yours!