About Us

Social Selling ExpertsSocial Sales Link is the missing link between traditional sales training and social media. Through our proven social selling methodology, we help professionals, sales and marketing teams, and selling CEO generate better leads and close more business. 

We help business development professionals do these four things better:

1. Listen to their prospects –  Learn about what they care about and understand what they really want and need.

2. Educate their prospects – Share thought leadership and position yourself as the subject matter expert.

3. Prospect – Leverage your warm market for qualified introductions and implement powerful lead generation tactics.

4. Position – 60% of the buying decisions are made before the sale professional even knows they are looking. It is expected that 60% of your discovery questions are answered before you show up – social selling is the key to getting there!

As professional sales trainers and coaches as well as personal producers, we bring the power of sales training to our social selling curriculum. We are not just social media experts, we are social selling experts.

Through keynote engagements, training classes, webinars and one-on-one coaching, Social Sales Link helps sales professionals leverage social selling and grow their business.

And, if you don’t want to do the work, we can do it for you!