social media word cloudSocial Selling is the New Way of Selling.

The traditional selling tactics just aren’t working anymore. Whether it is about…

  • Getting more qualified referrals
  • Engaging targeted prospects through thought leadership
  • Branding and positioning
  • Gathering company background information as well as their competition’s
  • Identifying the right decision-makers
  • Understanding their industry changes and current events; building rapport with your potential buyers and influencers
  • Uncovering your prospects’ buying process and past decision making criteria
  • Learning all you can about your competition from the inside
  • Positioning you and your company as the market leader – even before they meet you
  • Setting the bar

There is no better way than Social Selling.

Social Sales Link’s Corporate Strategies is for your Marketing and/or Sales Teams. In fact, we actually help the two departments work well together. Traditional sales processes are often disconnected from the marketing efforts and the departments don’t align, or worse yet…they clash.

We help marketing and sales people work in tandem, which generates more qualified leads and ultimately more business. – Now that’s a win/win!

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