Social Selling


LinkedIn and social sellingThere is a significant shift in the way people are buying, which means we have to shift in kind with the way we are selling. The Internet changed everything. It used to be the only way a client could find out how we could help them was to engage us. Now, they Google. Prospects identify all the competition, research and come up with pros and cons lists and begin to form an opinion. An opinion either you can shape or your competition can. Studies have proven over and over again that a buying decision is made before a salesperson is even in the conversation.

Social Selling is 4 things:

  1. Listening: Identifying what your prospect cares about and needs
  2. Educating: Brand yourself and your company as thought leaders through sharing content that represents you as subject matter experts.
  3. Prospecting: Leveraging social media for networking and client warm referrals and introductions.
  4. Positioning: Researching and gathering intelligence that can be used to influence the sale, then relating offline.

Why Social Selling?

Sales Professionals need to position themselves as the thought leader and industry expert. They need to be the ones influencing their prospects buying decisions and participating in their choice even before they are engaged.

Then, we need to listen. Collect enough Intel about the company, the industry, the market conditions and the culture before we ever show up. We need identify who the decision makers are, what is important to them and what they actually need in order to position the right solution.

If the Sales Professional shows up and conduct another typical sales call with “tell me about your pain” they will lose. They need to come into the game knowing their pain in advance, educating them through strategies and stories on how others have fixed the pain and talk about their dreams. People run from pain, but gravitate toward pleasure. If you believe in the Secret, that the energy you put out is the energy you attract, then put out success, not pain. Put out achievement not loss.

Why SSL for Social Selling?

Social Sales Link’s philosophies grew through a sales training lens. Founder & CEO, Brynne Tillman spent her career as a producer and sales trainer. SSL teaches and implements social media with the ROI in mine. Being well trained is good, but only if it is driving the top line with better leads and more business.

Through Brynne’s deep knowledge of LinkedIn for Business Development, success with the major social platforms and her proven strategies of lead capture through content engagement, SSL brings qualified buyers to the website who raise their hands and say, “talk to me”.

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