The LinkedIn Quiz

Are you Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development?

LinkedIn is the most powerful sales tool available to business development professionals today. By taking this 10 question quiz you will identify areas  to improve  your LinkedIn activities and results. At the end, you will receive your score and a link (Give Me More) that will redirect you to an eBook that will get you an A+ in LinkedIn for Business Development.

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1. What type of profile do you have?

a. My profile is incomplete

b. My profile is very similar to my resume

c. I have a client centric profile that engages my prospects

2. Tell us about your LinkedIn Groups

a. I am not in any LinkedIn Groups

b. I am in a few Industry Specific LinkedIn Groups

c. I am in my Alumni LinkedIn Groups and Groups that My Prospects are Members

3. Are you aware of what your prospects care about

a. I don’t ever look at what other people are talking about

b. Occasionally I look at what other people post

c. I make it a point to see what my connections are

4. I share my own content in publications and updates

a. Never

b. Occassionally

c. I consistently share content that brings value to my prospects

5. Other People’s content

a. I never read other people’s stuff

b. Sometimes I read it but never

c. I make it a point to engage with other peoples posts and share one’s that will benefit my network

6. Organize Your Contacts

a. I don’t organized my connections at all

b. I use the Tag feature

c. I use the Tag, Notes and Reminders Feature

7. I Get Client Referrals from LinkedIn

a. Never

b. Occassionally

c. I consistently identify who my clients know and ask for referrals

8. Use LinkedIn with My Face-to-Face networking efforts

a. Never

b. Occassionally

c. Prior to a networking meeting we share our connections and make warm introductions to one another

9. I Check Who’s Viewed Your Profile

a. Never

b. Occassionally

c. Every Day

10. LinkedIn is Filling My Sales Pipeline

a. Never

b. Occasionally I get a lead

c. Through my advanced and saved searches I get leads every single week

Thank you for taking the time to answer the quiz, you will be redirected to our eBook that will help you get a 100% next time you take the quiz. And if you are getting 100% – let us know we would love for you to guest blog your magic!