Thought Leadership Clinics

Thought LeadershipThought Leadership Clinics

Developing a reputation of a thought leader in your industry can often take years. With Social Sales Link’s thought leadership program, we can build a following of the right people through content creation and marketing faster and more productive than the traditional route. Whether you are a good writer or not, you will learn how to create content that engages your prospects. Clinics are available by webinar 2 hour and 1/2 day classes. Topics covered are:

1. Clearly identify your target market and where to find them

2. Develop a content strategy that they care about

3. Create 25 blog and video topics that your prospects care about

4. Learn how to write downloadable whitepapers for lead capture

5. How to get engagement from your readers

6. Sharing other peoples content with your commentary

7. Create a lead generation machine

To learn 3 great ways to begin sharing content CLICK HERE to read our blog.

To learn more about scheduling your thought leadership clinic please EMAIL US or call 888.775.5262