There are so many ways to leverage LinkedIn, that deciding what activities provide the highest ROI on your time is a challenge. Often sales professionals get lost down a rabbit hole and spend too much time on activities that have no pay-off.

Although this may not be a complete list, if you follow these daily activities, you attract and engage your targeted buyers and convert connections into phone calls.

➀ Check Who’s Viewed Your Profile (found in the left-hand column your Homepage) and reach out to the people who have checked you out. Then decide with whom you’d like to engage.  If they are a 1st-degree connection drop a note: Thanks for visiting my profile. It made me realize that it has been some time since we last spoke and it might make sense for us to set up a call to reconnect and explore ways we might be able to benefit one another. To make scheduling easier, here is a link to my calendar – please pick a time that best works for you… I am looking forward to catching up.

If they are not a connection send a connection request with a personalized note: Thanks for visiting my profile. I had a chance to look at yours and I think it might make sense for us to connect and explore ways we may be able to work together.

➁ Check Pending invitations (found by clicking the My Network tab) and determine who you’d like to connect with and accept. Once you have accepted, send a welcome message.  Mine is: Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I am not sure if you are using LinkedIn for business development, but if you are, here are some powerful resources that can have a significant impact on your efforts  .- Brynne PS May I ask how you found me (unless you know of course)

➂ Welcome your new connections (found by clicking the Message tab, you will see your new connections in unread messages). Send a welcome message inviting them to a phone call or sharing content that is relevant to them.  Mine is: Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I am not sure if you are using LinkedIn for business development, but if you are, here are some powerful resources that can have a significant impact on your efforts In addition, I’d love to share some insights specific to your sales environment. If you are open, I invite you to have a conversation. Whether or not we decide to do business together, I am confident that our call will be full of insights and actionable steps that can help you grow your business. Here’s a link to my calendar please pick a time that works best for you. – Brynne

➃ Engage on your newsfeed by looking through the content that your network is sharing and engaging with them through liking, sharing and commenting on their relevant posts. This can be a huge time-suck – so if you are going to engage set your alarm for 3 minutes!

➄ Share relevant content on your newsfeed and with targeted connections that will get value from the blog, article or video you’ve shared. Use Google Alerts, subscribe to RSS feeds, and leverage or other content aggregators to make sharing the right content easier.

➅ Check your notifications and engage because this is how you can identify who is engaging with you, and opportunities to congratulate your connections. New job notifications could be one of LinkedIn’s most powerful, yet underutilized features. LinkedIn tells us that there is, on average, 20% turnover of any given position. So, knowing where your connections are going can create new opportunities. Don’t forget to find out who is moving into their position too!

➆ Find prospects by visiting LinkedIn’s advanced search filters and pasting your search string and choosing the 2nd Degree filter. You create a list of your buyers and influencers that you share a connection with. You can then identify who in your network may be able to make an introduction on your behalf.

I often send a message: I hope this note finds you well. As you may know, I am leveraging LinkedIn to grow my network and noticed that you are connected to XX at XX. I was wondering if you would kindly provide an introduction for me. If you could copy us both in an email or LinkedIn message I can take it from there. To make it easier for you, I have included a short paragraph below that you are welcome to copy and paste.

Also, please feel free to look through my connections, I am happy to make introductions for you as well. Thanks so much! YOUR NAME


I would like to introduce you to YOUR NAME, YOUR TITLE at COMPANY NAME. I thought it might make sense for the two of you to connect and investigate how you might work together. YOUR NAME helps clients reach their financial goals. I am not sure if this is an area of need currently, but I highly recommend you take NAME’s call as I believe the insights (s)he will share will be well worth your time. NAME will be contacting you in the next couple of days. If you would like to reach out to NAME, his/her contact information is: EMAIL | NUMBER 

➇ Ask for client or networking partner introductions. When in the advanced search filters, choose your client’s name from “connections of” to identify who they know that you’d like to meet. (You have to be a 1st-degree connection for this to work). Once you make your list, run the names by your client or networking partner and ask if they’d connect you to a select few. (Although this is a daily list, I only do this once or twice a week, but I couldn’t leave it out)!

➈ Nurture your 1st-degree connections with relevant content on a consistent basis. Create or curate content that attracts, teaches and engages your buyers and send personal messages with a link to a target list and choose one person a day to engage. Customize the message so they know you took the time to learn about them.

➉ Connect with every new person you meet and/or speak with. It is important to continuously grow your network with people with whom you have a real-world connection.

If you do these 10 activities every day – you will increase your sales pipeline, and schedule more conversations with your targeted audience.

Have questions, let’s chat. Here is a LINK to my calendar, please pick a time that works best for you.