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90% of why people click through to your post is because your title intrigued them. Yup, it really doesn’t matter how good your content is if your headline is engaging. That being said, your content is what will build your long term followers and your reputation, so if you don’t want to be a 1 hit wonder, your content does need to live up to your blog title’s promise. The biggest challenge I tend to hear when it comes to blogging on LinkedIn is “I just don’t know where to start”. So here are 101 title ideas that can inspire you and that you can adapt to your product, service or industry when you hit a writer’s block. Keep in mind at all times, does your prospective client care about the topic you are writing on. Be sure it is client centric blogging not competitor centric blogging. So even though you may see (Your Industry) many times throughout this post, keep in mind that may be interchangeable with your clients industry as well.

  1. A Little Mistake that Cost a XXX – XXX.
  2. 5 Tips on How to Win Friends and Influence People (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  3. 7 Steps to Making More Money Doing Less Work (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  4. 3 Ways to Increase Your Revenue 3X in 3 Weeks (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  5. 10 Things to Add to Your To Do List if You are XXX
  6. Why People Dumber Than You Get Promoted Faster (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  7. How You Can Do Anything You want Even Better Than You are Now (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  8. How to Turn Your Great Idea into a Profitable One (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  9. If You Knew Then What You Do Now (ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY) What Would You Have Done Differently?
  10. Warning Don’t Ever Do XXX
  11. To Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  12. Why XXX is the Most Important Step (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  13. How to Get More High Fives From Your Boss, Shareholders and Clients (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  14. Can You Pass this Test (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  15. 5 Steps to Influencing Your Boss’s Decisions (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  16. 10 Steps to Never Cold Call Again (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  17. What Your Customers Aren’t Telling You (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  18. They Just Don’t Get it (IN YOUR INDUSTRY) Do You?
  19. What Motivates You to Succeed? Is it Working?
  20. XXX in 5 Minutes a Day
  21. The #1 Secret Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know
  22. 7 Ways to Negotiate Even Better (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  23. Small Step for Man, Giant Leap for (YOUR INDUSTRY)
  24. How Many Ingredients is in Your Secret Sauce (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  25. What Happens in (Your Company), Stays in (Your Company)
  26. Top 10 (YOUR INDUSTRY) Trending Topics
  27. The Top 7 Skills Your Decision Maker Wants to See (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  28. What I Wish I Knew Before I Launched My Company
  29. 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Prospect
  30. 7 Things You Need to Know About Your Prospect
  31. 9 Things You Don’t Know About Your Competition
  32. 11 Resources that Give You a Competitive Edge (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  33. What Successful People in Your Industry Don’t Want You to Know
  34. The Top Mistakes in Your Industry
  35. What to Expect Next Year in Your Industry
  36. The Essential Checklist to XXX
  37. 10 Simple Things You Can Do Today to be Productive
  38. Stop Drop and Roll – Your Pants are on Fire (CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  39. 3 Tips that Will Get You on Page 1 of Google
  40. 7 Writing Tactics You are Wasting Your Time On
  41. 21 Resources that Will Make You a Master (YOUR INDUSTRY)
  42. Top 5 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs in (YOUR INDUSTRY_
  43. 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Posts (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  44. Give Me Freedom or Give Me Cash (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  45. Warning Do This Right Now (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  46. Here is the #1 Method that 1000s are Using to be Successful (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  47. Now You Can Have the Job of Your Dreams
  48. Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness – It is Your Right, Go Do It!
  49. What Everyone in Your Industry Forgets to Do
  50. When it is Time to Break Up with Your Vendor?
  51. When it is Time to Break Up with Your Client?
  52. 10 Triggers that Tell You it is Time to Make a Move
  53. 100% of Successful People Know…
  54. 10 Answers on Demand XXX are Asking Us
  55. Mind Blowing Ways to Get People to Listen to You
  56. Are You a Manager or a Leader?
  57. 7 Tips that will Knock Your Socks Off
  58. 3 Breakthroughs Successful Entrepreneurs Need to Go Through
  59. Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  60. Solve All Your Business Development Needs (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  61. What Your Clients Need to Know Before They Buy From You
  62. 5 Ways to Scale Your Business
  63. Imagine Yourself…
  64. Why Now is the Right Time to XXX
  65. Your Professional Adventure Begins Now (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  66. The Next Biggest Thing (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  67. Are You Ready For the Newest Trend (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)?
  68. Take the Guess Work Out of XXX
  69. XXX Secrets Exposed
  70. Get Published (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  71. Top Interview Questions for XXX
  72. The Inside Secrets of Millionaire Entrepreneurs
  73. Finally, a Solution that Works
  74. How to Hire Better People That Hang Around Longer
  75. 5 Ways to Reduce Your XXX
  76. 3 Ways to Increase Your XXX
  77. Industry Insights from (INTERVIEW PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  78. Which Would You Choose XXX or XXX
  79. Last Chance to Learn XXX
  80. Take Advantage of XXX
  81. 7 Reasons to XXX Now!
  82. No More Excuses, Now You Can XXX
  83. 10 Proven Ways that Impact XXX
  84. Are You Still Using XXX?
  85. Do You Want to be XXX for the Rest of Your Career
  86. The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  87. I Dare You to XXX
  88. Top Experts Say XXX
  89. Step-by-step ways to XXX
  90. Shocked to Know XXX
  91. They Want to Buy, They Don’t Want to be Sold (IN YOUR INDUSTRY)
  92. Once Upon a Time XXX
  93. Uncensored XXX Tactics
  94. The FACT is XXX
  95. You Are About to Learn XXX
  96. I Need Help
  97. Free Special Report
  98. How to instantly improve XXX
  99. A Revolutionary Plan to XXX
  100. What if You Could XXX
  101. Hope is Not a Strategy, but XXX is

BONUS: Every time you answer a client question, speak about what you do or come up with a great idea, that is a blog topic. If you are more of a talker than a writer, start recording your ideas on your SMART phone and have them transcribed. Blogging is an easy way to brand yourself as a thought leader and the subject matter expert. What are you waiting for – get out there and spread your message…business will follow. CLICK HERE to learn how to structure a great blog.