what you need to do before you list your homeFacebook is a fabulous way to get the word out to your friends prior to listing your home. Getting the buzz out to your network will make your open houses that much more productive.

1. If you are looking to move in the next year or so, capturing pictures at all 4 seasons is a clever way to show your home off. Be sure to get the beautiful leaves changing, snow on the rooftop and rainbows after a summer shower.

2. Take great pictures of every room, your backyard, landscaping and even garage (once you’ve cleaned it out) and post them with a caption ie. Best room to read in…

3. Take part in or even initiate a facebook community yard sale to declutter and when you post your pictures be sure to profile your best rooms. This is a win/win you start to clean out the house and get some neighborhood branding at the same time.

4. Be sure to post photos of a block party, parades, community events or even Santa in the firetruck. These are phFor Sale By Owner Social Media Adviseotos that will eventually attract your future buyer.

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