5 Reasons I LOVE LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is without a doubt the most powerful sales tool available to us today. There are so many reasons to use it, and here are 5 of my favorites:

1. My LinkedIn Profile is a great place to get my message out to my network. SSL tip: It is critical to get your profile to share your story the way you would want your visitors see it. It begins with your picture. I don’t care how much you love your car, martini, Hawaiian shirt or Wedding cut out with your spouses hand on your shoulder, they belong on Facebook. Your LinkedIn picture needs to represent you in the most professional manner possible.  The headline has to share your value proposition, what your visitor should expect if they connect or work with you. And, please please add your contact information including phone number – you are on the 10 yard line, don’t lose them now!

2. LinkedIn Groups are a great way to get your message in front of your market. You can send messages directly to any group member, even if you are not connected to them directly on LinkedIn. SSL tip: I often call this spear fish marketing. In a group, if you click on the number of members you will see a search box where you can search by title and location. Now, simply click the send message under your ideal contact and start a conversation. Please don’t sell your stuff here, engage!

3. I can see who is checking me out from my home page. SSL tip: I love knowing who is checking me out. My analogy of this is as if someone called me on the phone, they came up on caller ID but didn’t leave a message. If you would have returned that call, this is a great opportunity to connect with them or send them a message.

4. I can see my shared connections to any 2nd level connection! SSL tip: Before I go on any appointment I can check out who we have in common. I then call them to get the scoop. What a great way to get some background and build rapport with your new connection!

5. This is my FAVORITE…I can see who my networking partner knows and make a list of the people I want to meet. Before you go to your next coffee meeting, offer your partner to look through your LinkedIn connections and identify 10 people that you know that they would like to meet, now you do the same. When you are together talk them through, whittle it down to a few key people each and make some introductions for each other.

There are so many reasons to LOVE LinkedIn, and I hope you have enjoyed these.

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