LinkedIn Video5 Ways to Use Video on LinkedIn

Video is so powerful. Why? Because people love to watch video. Look at YouTube, the 2nd most searched website in the world. That is why video works so well with LinkedIn. There are 5 types of video that work well on LinkedIn, and you want to be sure that which ever genre you choose, that it is professional shot and represent you and your company from the most professional angle possible.  So, what are the 5 ways we can use video:

1. Add a “meet you” video – a short interview or introduction of who you are and how you help your clients. It is an opportunity to get to know you even before you connect.

2. Have a client testimonial video that represents the success they have because they worked with you. This is so powerful, and can certainly reduce the sales cycle, as your prospects wont have to call references!

3. Product or Service demonstration. I wouldn’t quite call this a pitch, but a great video that shows what your product can do. If you are your product, a clip of you consulting or teaching can do just fine. If you are in real-estate, a video tour can attract a lot of potential buyers/renters.

4, Educational video – this will help brand you and your company as the subject matter experts and thought leaders.  If you are looking to create lead capture from your videos, be sure to use platforms like that can host the video with heat mapping and email opt-in options.

5. Job Seekers can make a huge impact by doing a short interview via video. It is an investment to do this right, but if you are a high level executive, this is a great way to stand out from the pack – and ensure that you will get called in for a face to face.

Video and LinkedIn is a great combination – use it well!

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