Successful is a relative term. My definition of success for a social seller on LinkedIn is that the activity they do converts to phone calls with qualified prospective clients. 

There are hundreds of activities that sales people do every day that lead to success and even more if they are leveraging social to grow their business. That being said, I looked at the behavior of a handful of successful social sellers and found these 7 activities in common.

  1. They share relevant content on LinkedIn and twitter more than 5 times a day. That may seem like an awful lot, but it keeps their name in front of their network, even if they aren’t reading it.
  2. They “like”, comment and share other people’s content (or retweet). It isn’t all one sided, successful social sellers take the time to engage with other people. They key is to engage with the right people so your time is spent wisely.
  3. They have positioned their profiles around being a resource for their clients not a resume that is focused on their passion, mission or years in business. They offer content, education and insights that matter to their audience.
  4. They network in person, follow up on social and continue to grow the relationships. Successful social sellers are not confined to the online platforms but combine the two for maximum impact.
  5. They convert their online engagement to phone calls and in person meetings. Unless you are selling a $1.99 widget, you are not closing significant business online. Most successful social sellers are primarily closing for one thing, a conversation. That being said, calls to action with offerings can have some success, but shouldn’t be a primary focus.
  6. They not only leverage their warm market to get introductions into their prospective clients but they give introductions. Successful social sellers tend to give first and provide value.
  7. They take the time to learn about the people they are speaking and meeting with prior to the appointment. Looking at their newsfeed, profiles and common connections is just the beginning – but the key is that successful social sellers take the time to build rapport.

Please share in comments below other best practices social sellers do or should do every week.

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