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We are Sales Trainers who have unlocked the power of LinkedIn and Social Selling to help those responsible for business development schedule more calls with targeted buyers.

The buyer’s journey has changed. Buyers are now researchers, explorers, self-educators and collaborative decision makers – and it’s significantly impacting the traditional sales process. The Know, Like and Trust mantra is now Attract, Teach and Engage. If you are not breaking through the noise, gaining access to stakeholders and positioning yourself as the thought leader and subject matter expert, your competition will.

The Social Sales Link Team is here to help you navigate LinkedIn and Social Selling, position you as the subject matter expert, teach you strategies and tactics to find and engage buyer, ultimately scheduling more calls with your targeted prospects.


Brynne Tillman is a successful sales professional, sales trainer and coach spanning over 3 decades who has unlocked the power of LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development Professionals. For over a decade, Brynne has been teaching Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development, has authored The LinkedIn Sales Playbook, a Tactical Guide to Social Selling.

Brynne helps sales teams, entrepreneurs and business development professionals schedule more phone calls with targeted buyers.

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Brynne Tillman

CEO and LinkedIn Whisperer

Sally Jo has spent her career in technology sales and sales training. For over 6 years she has been focused on social selling for sales teams. Her wealth of knowledge in the sale profession translates into her LinkedIn training and coaching. As a true relationship builder, Sally Jo bridges the gap between traditional sales and social to help business development professionals succeed.

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Sally Jo LaMont

Vice President, Training & Development

Bob Woods' deep knowledge of digital, marketing, and sales, along with his innate ability to teach, is the perfect mix to bring social selling to sales teams and entrepreneurs. He has put his experience to use for both Fortune 2000 companies, small sales teams, and individuals wanting to use social selling in their sales activities.

Whether Bob is coaching, training or simply engaging on social, he brings value to every one of his conversations.

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Bob Woods

Executive Vice President