LinkedIn prospecting is like fishingThis is certainly not the first time you have seen the comparison of prospecting to fishing, but I thought I would share my little twist.

When I was a teenager, I went fishing with a boy from the neighborhood. He was a serious fisherman and had a big red tackle box with 3 layers of divided shelves. He had bobbles and swivels and sinkers and leaders as well as pliers and extra fishing line all perfectly organized. He was prepared with all of the right tools and then he showed me the very most important device, the fishing lure. This is a type of manmade bait, which is designed to attract a fish’s attention. Every fish is attracted by a different lure, and the secret to catching the fish is making sure that you are using the right lure.

Are you fishing with the right lures? Do you really know what your prospects care about and what will attract them to you?

Here are the 3 strategies SSL uses to LURE YOU in!

  1. I look at what you are “liking” and “sharing” on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are reading content that I can elaborate on, I begin there.
  2. Whenever I answer a question for my client or prospect I record it and often turn it into a blog. If one of my prospects is interested, there is a good chance you might too.
  3. I ask you directly, in fact, lets do that right now. What types of blogs and content are you drawn to? Please share in comments and we will get on it!

Take inventory of your tackle box. Make sure that your lures are attracting the right fish, but if not, try these strategies and start reeling them in.

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