Why prospects buy from youWhen your prospect is looking for your products and/or services, is what they read enough to get them to want to engage you? You have invested in your brand, whether it is limited to your LinkedIn personal or company profile, website or you have taken it to blogging, email campaigns and other platforms, ask yourself, is what you are portraying the message that gets your prospects to raise their hand and say talk to me?

Here are 6 ways to evaluate if you are giving your prospects what they need to buy from you:

  1. Does your message speak to your prospect at the point when they need you?
  2. Is it apparent that you solve a problem that they have?
  3. Do you offer value added education that elevates you as the subject matter expert and someone that it is clear that they need to talk with before making any decisions?
  4. Are you positioned to get leads from your website, prospects “liking” and “sharing” your content and getting inbound calls and inquiries? Do you make it easy for your prospects to get in touch with you?
  5. Are you providing ongoing reinforcement, email campaigns and touch points so that you are staying in front of your prospects on a consistent basis?
  6. Ask 5 non-work related connections to look at your LinkedIn profile, website, blogs, company social platforms and any other online presence and have them explain the value you bring to your clients in 1 minute or less – if they nail…so did you. If they didn’t we invite you to have a conversation.

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