I believe we should treat LinkedIn’s Who’s Viewed Your Profile like Caller ID, and it should be checked every day. Just like we check our email and voicemail, we should take a look at who has been checking us out on LinkedIn.

They visited your profile for a reason, and for a moment you were top of mind. Maybe they read something you posted, or someone mentioned you in a conversation or your profile came up as someone they might know. Regardless, they got here and it is our job to follow-up.

Here are the steps to making the most out of your visitors:

  1. From Your Profile Click on “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”
  2. Identify a viewer that you might want to engage with
  3. Right click and open profile in new tab (so you don’t lose your place)
  4. If they are a 1st degree connection send note: Thanks for viewing my profile it has been some time since we connected and I thought it might make sense for us to set up a call to explore ways we might be able to work together. – Brynne PS What brought you to my profile today?
  5. If they are NOT a 1st degree connection, send a connection request: NAME, Thank you for visiting my profile, I had a chance to look at yours and thought it might make sense for us to connect. – Brynne PS May I ask how you found me?

BONUS: If your LinkedIn profile represents you well and is a resource that provides value to audience, than the success rate of your profile visitors excited to take your call is significantly higher than if it is simple your resume.

Your next step is to send them a welcome message when they accept your connection request.

Check your inbox for the new connections and send a welcome message:

NAME, Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I wondered how you happened to find my profile, and thought a brief introductory call might be of benefit to one another. I can offer some insights on ABC that many TITLES have found very helpful, I am sure our conversation will be well worth your time. To make scheduling easier, here is a LINK to my calendar – please pick a time that best works for you.

BONUS: If you have a free LinkedIn account you will be able to see the last 5 people that visited your profile, if you have any level of paid, you will see the last 90 days.

Caller ID for LinkedIn is just one of the powerful prospecting strategies business development professionals need to leverage.