social media iconRemember when the VCR first came out and everyone had twelve o’clock flashing on the screen because they couldn’t figure out how to reset the clock after a power outage? Today’s equivalent is the egghead on Twitter or the blank banner on Facebook. These social media outlets and others such as Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn serve as extensions of your brand and offer continuous opportunities to pull through creative. The next generations of customers are visual consumers and your logo and other imagery impacts their perception of your brand when they see it on the web. You can and should utilize all of these spaces for reinforcing the unique identity of your product, service or business. The numerous ways to differentiate your social selling platforms include:

  • Evocative design and color
  • Photos and images custom sized for the platform
  • Content that fits and pops on your background
  • Format that is compatible with portable devices such as cell phones and IPad

An eye catching graphic can entice viewers to repeat your post on their site with the ultimate goal of going viral. Sounds good, but mastering your brand cohesively across the web is easier said than done. Roadblocks like bmp size limits and truncation of text make some amateur attempts at branding social media channels a nightmare. A basic social media makeover package is very affordable and has you making that first impression in grand style. More insights and great brand stories at:



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