LinkedIn Publications Dos and Don'tsLinkedIn Publications is the best new social selling tool for anyone in a sales role. The key, however, is to use it well and the way it was designed to be used, as a content machine.

Thought leadership is about educating the reader and is the key to gaining trust, attracting your target market and developing relationships. As this rolls out to 300m LinkedIn members, it is very important to use this powerful tool correctly, so here are Social Sales Link’s Dos and Don’ts for EVERY LinkedIn publication:

  1. Do educate. Make sure everything you share has value to the reader.
  2. Don’t promote or advertise any products, promotions, paid seminars or webinars or any other offering as your primary message.
  3. Do offer a take-away, something the reader can implement even if they don’t work with you.
  4. Don’t make the only take-away be that they have to contact or hire you to learn how.
  5. Do have a call to action that is in-line with your content. A call to action can be anything from a download, watch a video with lead capture, schedule a free consultation.
  6. Don’t make the call to action part of your primary message, it is only appropriate when it is additional value to what you have already provided to the reader.
  7. Do make the information clear and concise.
  8. Don’t make the content longer than a 3 minute read…they stop anyway.
  9. Do respect the boundaries of social selling
  10. Don’t cross the line and become a self promoter, you will create what you fear the most, a bad reputation.
  11. Do be honest and authentic in your approach.
  12. Don’t do nothing, your voice, your message, your expertise is why people will engage with you, and silence gets you silence. Put your best foot forward and share your valuable insights. You will be seen as a thought leader and a subject matter expert.

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