As powerful as LinkedIn may be for attracting, teaching and engaging buyers, there are dozens of tools that make the entire social selling process easier and more productive. Since the Google Chrome evolution, these tools have never been more accessible.

Here are 5 tools from the Chrome store that will make your sales efforts significantly easier:

1. Auto-Text Expander is the most important tool in my tool box, by far. I have over 20 templates that I need to have access to quickly. This tool allows me to save all my messages in one place with a short cut that simply spits out the text on-demand. Makes all of my email, twitter and LinkedIn correspondence simple and fast.

2. Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Write a message now, send it whenever, even if you’re not online. The best part of Boomerang, in my opinion, is scheduling for an email to come back to you at the top of your email a specific date and time. You won’t ever drop an opportunity again.

3. Rapportive reveals everything social about your contacts right inside your inbox. You will be able to see

  • Who this is. Rapportive will grab their photo from social platforms so you can see who is emailing you.
  • Where they are. For some, location matters. At a glance you can see where your emailer is located.
  • What they do. See their job, company, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Inside of Rapportive, you can follow, connect engage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Take notes that are affiliated with their email so every time you view an email from them, the notes auto-populate in the right hand column.

4. Profile Views – Saved who’ viewed your LinkedIn Profile. If you have the free LinkedIn membership, you are probably frustrated at the fact that you can’t see everyone who has looked at your profile. This Chrome extension, once installed, it will capture every non-anonymous  viewer for as long as you stay logged in. As a premium member, it brings a different value for me, Profile View’s extension will not only tell me who looked at my profile but how often. LinkedIn will only show you the profile one time, but if someone looked at my profile last week and then again today, I see that!

5. Save to Pocket – Makes curating and organizing content simple. When you find an article or blog post but don’t have the time to share it now – save it to pocket. You can even set up tag categories that makes organizing your content easy. When you are ready to share, you have your own customized library ready and waiting.

BONUS #6 Thanks to Larry Levine – LinkedIn Connections Revealer – simple but very cool. It is easy to see a connection’s #of followers, but not their actual connections and it just typically takes a few steps to get there. With Revealer you can see the real number of connections right on their profile. Thanks Larry!


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