Our best new clients are often referrals from our happy clients. But asking for those referrals isn’t always LinkedIn Introductionseasy! Often when we ask, our clients just can’t think of anyone that can use our services the same way they do. But what if we had a crystal ball, one that could tell us who our client knew that we want to meet? What if we could spend 20 minutes looking through their address book and pick out a few names that would make fabulous introductions? Well, we can…with LinkedIn.

Here is how:

  1. Connect with them on LinkedIn
  2. Click on their connections number (500+)
  3. This takes you to their connections where you will see a search bar in the top right (click on the magnifying glass)
  4. Enter the keywords or title of the people you would like to meet
  5. Click advanced in the top left of the box
  6. Use the left hand side filters to drill down
  7. Make a list of who your client knows that you would like to meet
  8. Ask your client “I noticed you were connected to a few people that would make great introductions for me, would you mind if I ran their names by you?”

Once you have a few names, ask your client if they could copy you and their connection in an email with a brief note, and you can take it from there. Once you receive the introduction, reply all and schedule a meeting.

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