Key word toolKeyword Search Tools that can Get You to the Top!

We all want to be found. Whether from a post, activity in a news feed or even better a search on keywords that match what we do, it is important that we are proactively ensuring that we are showing up.

Posting and sharing relevant content with videos, blogs and whitepapers is a good start, but we have to be sure that we are search engine optimizing all this content and our profiles.

Google recently replaced their keyword tool with Adwords. This site helps people plan their pay-per-click campaign, but we can leverage the keywords and phrases for all other SEO opportunities.

Visit: then click on Tools and Analysis then keyword planner. It is different than keyword tool was but you can add words and phrases and search by keywords, phrases and get traffic estimates. They can even give the the keyword ideas, it is just broken up in different sections vs. the old keyword tool that had everything on one page.

There are other sites that can help with your keywords like,,, and so many others.

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