LinkedIn SearchLeverage LinkedIn’s Advanced & Saved Searches

The Advanced Search There are many ways to leverage advanced searches, and we urge you to spend some time exploring here. This is the quintessential “working smarter not harder.” Advanced Search quickly lets you know who in your warm market knows whom you want to meet. The prospecting power when leveraging this tool is endless. Spend a little time and get to know Advanced Searches – it will be your new best friend!
1. Click on the Advanced Search hyperlink next to the magnify glass on the top right the dropdown.
2. Choose keywords that represent your target market
3. And/or Title (you can choose from the drop down current, past or both – in addition, you can use Boolean searches here.
4. Fill out geographic preferences and industry choices
5. Choose relationships (1st, 2nd, 3rd, Group)
6. Search and you will get a list of exactly who you are looking for
The magic lives in the 2nd, so be sure to click 2nd in Relationship. This will give us a list of who knows who we want to know – and we can ask for introductions!
The Save

Once you have your perfect search you can save it for later. Just click Save Search on the top right hand side of the search, name it and save it for later. You can save 3 searches for the free LinkedIn folks entering your network who fall under the search criteria. When we help our clients come up with a LinkedIn prospecting plan, this is the number one activity they are encouraged to do every week.

Think about this: you have created your ideal criteria (hopefully leveraging the 2nd generation search) one time, and LinkedIn is kind enough to keep you in the loop when new professionals who meet those criteria join your network. So, last week I connected with 5 new contacts – and don’t have the time to look through their connections to see who they know that I may want an introduction to.connection to me.

Every Monday morning I log into LinkedIn, click on my saved searches and I see that I have 10 new professionals in my network that meet that criteria. I then click the hyperlink “view” and the full list comes up in the window. I can then click on shared connection and ask for my warm introduction. POWERFUL stuff, right?

There isn’t an easier, more productive way to identify new prospects as they enter your network, whether through a new connection of yours, or one of your current contacts’ new connections.

Okay, so now what do I say? Share your info with us and we will share an incredible template that will make all of this EASY! Really!

LinkedIn Introduction Request Template

Identifying who you know that knows who you are looking to meet is a very powerful feature on LinkedIn, but often I am asked, now what? Here is a template that you are certainly welcome to use to create a message that sounds like you. This template can be used for your company searches, advanced and saved searches or just about anytime you identify a shared connection that you would like to ask for help.