LinkedIn Company Pages for ProspectingIf you ever cold call again without searching a company on LinkedIn to identify who is already in your network, you are certainly missing the boat, spinning your wheels, working harder not smarter… and the idioms could go on and on.

Before you ever make the first call to a new prospect we have no known connection with (a typical cold call), search the Company on LinkedIn to find out who in our network can provide an
introduction for us.

Example: if I am prospecting Campbell Soup, I pull up their profile to see if there is anyone at the company who I know.

Campbell Soup Company Profile

Initially I see that I have no 1st connections, I don’t know anyone directly that works at Campbell soup, however I learn that there are 528 2nd generation connections that I can reach out and ask for a warm introduction. I click the 528 and the list comes up for my perusing. I find someone on my list that is closest to the title of my ideal prospect, or is at least in the department. Any warm connection, regardless of their position, is more powerful than any cold call can ever be. Again, I click on Shared Connection(s) and ask for my warm introduction. Easy, right?

You can filter your selections on the right hand side and scroll down. And, once again, you can identify who you know that knows the person you want to speak with at that company. There is enormous power in this feature – use it!

Here is how:

1. In top bar choose companies from the drop down and type the name of the company – select it from the drop down.

2. On the right hand side click your 2nd degree connections

3. Click Advanced search

4. Drill down to find your ideal decision makers

5. Click the green hyperlink with shared connection list

Now simply ask for an introduction…

LinkedIn Introduction Request Template

Identifying who you know that knows who you are looking to meet is a very powerful feature on LinkedIn, but often I am asked, now what? Here is a template that you are certainly welcome to use to create a message that sounds like you. This template can be used for your company searches, advanced and saved searches or just about anytime you identify a shared connection that you would like to ask for help.

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