LinkedIn Polls: A Great Way to Engage Group MembersLinkedIn Polls

Polls are a wonderful way to engage group members on LinkedIn. Just be sure that your poll is not self serving or promotional. Ask questions that your target market would like to answer verses questions around what you want to hear. Remember the key is to get engagement, to get on the radar of prospects and networking alliance partners, not to sell. Relationships evolve.  They begin with knowing, then liking, and ultimately trusting. Business happens at the trusting stage, but believe me, it takes time to get there. Polls are the get to know stage, and engaging conversation in comments becomes the like. Listening and caring about what others have to say, consistently offering engaging and educational content and converting the conversation offline is what will ultimately get them to trust you. This is a process and if you respect the process you will see success.

From the group’s Discussions tab:

  1. Click POLL next to the Start a Discussion section.
  2. Type your question in the ASK A QUESTION box. Be sure to add “Please explain your answer in comments.” This will not only encourage engagement but you will be able to identify the people that are engaged. (You will not be able to see the people that just vote and don’t comment.)
  3. Specify up to 5 answer choices. Additional boxes will appear after you enter your first choice.
  4. Choose your Runs Until date by clicking on calendar icon and choose the date when you would like the poll to close.
  5. Click Share.
  6. The poll will appear in the group discussions and you can vote. (In some groups it will be submitted for approval first)
  7. BONUS – Would you like to share your poll with targeted prospects in the group? SSL calls this Spear Fish Marketing…Download the 3 easy step-by-step directions below:

Download 3 Steps to Sharing Content with Targeted LinkedIn Group Members

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