No more LinkedIn pollsOh no, not another major change from LinkedIn! Oh, yes. So I don’t know if you use polls in LinkedIn Groups, but I do…and I love them. They are a great way to get engagement, gather great intel and begin meaningful business relationships.

Polls are a great way to ask questions that your target market would like to answer verses questions around what you want to hear. Remember the key is to get engagement, to get on the radar of prospects and networking alliance partners, not to sell. Relationships evolve.  They begin with knowing, then liking, and ultimately trusting. Business happens at the trusting stage, but believe me, it takes time to get there. Polls are the get to know stage, and engaging conversation in comments becomes the like. Listening and caring about what others have to say, consistently offering engaging and educational content and converting the conversation offline is what will ultimately get them to trust you. This is a process and if you respect the process you will see success.

But I am not going to let this change get me down! I am going to work around it! In fact, this may even be better!

Use an outside Poll site to create the question or questions you would like to ask, then use the link along with a discussion to get engagement. Why may it be better you ask? Because we can now post one poll and collect all the data in one place from every group or post. We can even share the link in an email or message and your contact doesn’t have to share the group with you to vote!

Here is a short list of free sites:

Survey Monkey   Poll Code   Poll Maker  Easy Polls 

You can actually message targeted group members specifically, here is how:
Dear XXX, As a group member of XXX, I would like to introduce myself and share a link to a poll my company has posted. LINK HERE Your vote and participation would mean a lot to me. Also, please feel free to connect with my on LinkedIn as well! YOUR NAME

Here is how:

Download 3 Steps to Sharing Content with Targeted LinkedIn Group Members

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