Instructor Led Online LinkedIn &

Social Selling Training for Sales Teams

This live-virtual kickstarter program is one of the most effective, productive and cost-effective ways to get your sales team mastering LinkedIn and Social Selling for business development.

Coupled with a powerful, customized playbook, this training is focused on scheduling more phone calls with targeted buyers. Our program is delivered in 4 weekly 45-minute remote sessions, guiding participants to master LinkedIn for Social Selling.

Our seasoned experts teach:

WEEK 1: Developing a Buyer-Centric Profile to Attract, Teach and Engage Your Buyers.


WEEK 2: Networking and Engaging with New and Existing Connections.


WEEK 3: Prospecting Through Client, COI and Networking Partner Referrals. OPTIONAL: Sales Navigator Training


WEEK 4: Leveraging
Content to Engage and Nurture Buyers, Influencers, Referral Partners and Beyond.


The LinkedIn Kickstarter Program Includes

Instructor Led Online Training with Practical and Tactical Exercises That Creates New Behaviors

Complete LinkedIn Profile Development – Converting Profiles from Resumes to Resources

 Proven Message Templates – Tailored for Your Sales Team Driving Optimal Engagement

 Customized Playbook to Guide Your Sales Team on Daily Activities for Sustainable ROI

Do you know how many LinkedIn connection requests you need to make your sales goal?