Upcoming Webinar:

Leveraging LinkedIn to Increase Your Channel Partners’ Sales and Your Revenue

Join Us Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018; 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

As a company that uses channel partners, you have three special challenges:

  • You need to attract new channel partners.
  • You need to support your channels with strategies that bring them increased sales.
  • If you have your own sales team, you also need to supply team members with a lead-generation gameplan.

LinkedIn is your key to unlocking the door to increased revenues from all areas. In this special Webinar designed for companies that utilize a channel partner strategy, we’ll cover:

► LinkedIn Profiles for All of Your Sales-Based Revenue Generating teams
• Selling to your customers
• Attracting channel partner prospects
• Helping your current channel partners sell to their prospects

► Networking and Engaging for your sales team, your channel partners, and your partner recruitment efforts

► Gaining Access to Key Stakeholders for Both Your Direct and Sales Channel Partners
• Also, help your partners to reach key stakeholders at their prospects

► Thought Leadership for you, your team and your channel partners alike