marketing strategyI am always in search of brilliant content to share with my peeps, so when I came across this eBook, I had to share. Written by David Newman, a nationally-acclaimed marketing expert and author of “Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition”, this quick read is like taking Marketing 101. It is practical and actionable and if you are looking to implement a marketing plan…you must start here. If you have a marketing plan and it isn’t paying off the way you had expected…you must read this.


“What is marketing?

Put bluntly, marketing is the set of strategies, tactics and tools that make selling unnecessary.

OK, that’s a bit extreme. Let’s try again…

Marketing is the set of strategies, tactics and tools that help you sell more products and services—more easily AND more often.

There, that’s better.

Bad news: Marketing for the sake of marketing is broken. Kaput. Finished.

Smart marketing is all about helping you generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects, and BIGGER sales. Period.

Good news: That also happens to be the purpose of this cheeky, powerful little manifesto you’re reading right now.”

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