Let Freedom Ring

On this United State of America’s Memorial Day Weekend, I would like to thank every human being that has fought and sacrificed in the pursuit of Freedom.

I am grateful to every single veteran, those in active service and the military families that support them. Those who lost their lives or a loved one; the heros who were willing to risk their lives, every man and woman who put their future on hold to make ours better, everyone who joined the armed forces to protect and serve and those who still wake up everyday just trying to re-acclimate back home and begin their lives over…I thank you.

Because of each and everyone of them, we are able to pursue happiness. Out of respect and appreciation for their true sacrifices, I invite all human beings, no matter where you live, to take this weekend to reflect and appreciate what we have because of them.

Whether you are in the USA or anywhere else on Earth, if you have the freedom to work; freedom to choose your career; freedom to start your own business; freedom to go to the movies; freedom to write about anything; freedom to learn; freedom to have an opinion; freedom to express that opinion; freedom to vote; than make the time this weekend to thank them all for paving the way for the lives that we get to live today.

So, I take this to social media, as this is the best way I know how to share this message with as many people as I can. From the depths of my soul, thank you, every single one of you, for the country I get to live in and raise my children, I am forever grateful.