Who's Viewed Your LinkedIn ProfileI love Caller ID, don’t you? That is how I see the ‘who’s viewed your profile’ section of your LinkedIn account. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to people who have called but have not left a message:

1. From the right-hand side your of your LinkedIn Homepage, click ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’

2. The free account allows you to see the last 5 visitors to your profile.  If they have their settings as anonymous, you won’t be able to see their name, and if you are anonymous you won’t be able to see any of your viewers. The paid account allows you to see the last 90 days of viewers and will allow you to see the visitors even if you are anonymous. However, you still can’t see the viewers that are anonymous.

3. Identify viewers that you would like to connect with, check out their profile and send a request to connect with a note:
‘Thanks for visiting my profile, I looked at yours and believe that there may be some synergies between us. Let’s connect and explore ways we may be able to work together.’

4. If you are already connected but haven’t cultivated a relationship yet, and they are a good prospect, click the email icon and write:
‘Hello NAME, it has been some time since we connected, and I thought it might make sense for us to schedule a time to explore ways we may be able to work  together. I have Monday morning available for a call, does  that work for you?

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